8th Grade Essay Contest

2017 Best & Brightest Awards 8th Grade Essay Finalists 

Sayler Gentry, Community Christian School

Haley Knox, Community Christian School

Sophie Thomas, Community Christian School

Lauren Cook, Deerlake Middle School

Samantha Kopple, Deerlake Middle School

Sihala Senevirathne, Deerlake Middle School

Zoë Brammer, Elizabeth Cobb Middle School

Sylvia Crowe, Elizabeth Cobb Middle School

Alexis Williamson, Elizabeth Cobb Middle School

Carol Miller, Fairview Middle School

Laasya Moparthy, Fairview Middle School

Aniketh Mukhirala, Fairview Middle School – WINNER

Lamoria Brady, Florida State University School

Emily Currie, Florida State University School

Griffin Stanley, Florida State University School

Michael Carey, Fort Braden School

McKenzie Meeks, Fort Braden School

McKenzie Vickers, Fort Braden School

Promise Cuffy, Governor’s Charter Academy

Akosua Osei, Governor’s Charter Academy

Xavier Smith, Governor’s Charter Academy

Chastity Nix, Griffin Middle School

Jennifer Rios, Griffin Middle School

Hajarah Tunsill, Griffin Middle School

Emma Bryson, Holy Comforter Episcopal School

Savannah Cummings, Holy Comforter Episcopal School

Anna Logan, Holy Comforter Episcopal School

Eliyah Campbell, Home School

Annette Lu, Maclay School

Daniela Paredes, Maclay School

Isabella St. Pierre-Charles, Maclay School

Paige Keating, Montford Middle School

Colin Harllee, Montford Middle School

Ethan-Miguel Lustria, Montford Middle School

James Chorey, North Florida Christian School

Jonathan Granger, North Florida Christian School

Nathaniel Sablan, North Florida Christian School

Kyla Maddox, R. Frank Nims Middle School

Brian Nipper, R. Frank Nims Middle School

Lilayia President, R. Frank Nims Middle School

Presley Allen, Raa Middle School – HONORABLE MENTION

Brandon Parker, Raa Middle School

Wyatt Parker, Raa Middle School

Brittany Alguire, Swift Creek Middle School

John Bronakoski, Swift Creek Middle School

Andrea Lopez-Taylor, Swift Creek Middle School

Skye Miller, Tallahassee School of Math and Science

Celínette Ortíz, Tallahassee School of Math and Science

Daniel Sanchez-Cruz, Tallahassee School of Math and Science

Jacob Hood, Trinity Catholic School

Natalie Johns, Trinity Catholic School – RUNNER UP

Jamie Knox, Trinity Catholic School

Alexxis Colvin, Woodville School

Micah Hudson, Woodville School

Lindsey Mills, Woodville School


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